Step 1 : Download

SupplyLogic client software should only be installed on a computer, laptop or tablet running the full version of Windows. All windows updates should be done prior to the SupplyLogic installation. The device should also be connected to the same network as the SupplyLogic Server. To verify that the client can access the server, open File Explorer and verify the client can access and write to the servers shared folder (SLUpdate).

The client installation links are listed below. You will need a username and password to access this install file. Contact CDR at for your company specific information.

Step 2 : Install

It's a good idea to keep all your downloaded files in one location, such as c:\SLInstallCD. After installation the files can be written to USB or disk and stored in a safe location. You can pretty much accept the defaults when installing the client software. On some computers, it may seem that the installation 'hangs'. If this happens, it is important to watch the install video to discover how to over this. Make a note of any messages you get along the way. Always keep your existing files if they are newer than the ones being installed.

Step 3 : Connect

You should have already verified that you can connect to the server, if you didn't do so now. You will need to run the SupplyLogic Update program to get the latest version of the software from the server. Find the Update program and right-click to 'Run as Administrator'.