Want More Info?

If you are interested in SupplyLogic, download the brochure and check us out.

If you are really interested, download the SupplyLogic HTML help files. These help files are the actual help files of the system. Download and review these files to see if SupplyLogic will fit your needs.

Point of Sale

Use the SupplyLogic Point of Sale application to quickly check out customers in your cash and carry operation. Watch these training videos for more information.

Remote Ordering

Want to use an iPhone, iPad or Windows tablet to get orders into SupplyLogic? An optional module can be licensed that allows your salesreps and customers to send in orders from the field.

Check This Out!

SupplyLogic can be customized to fit your needs so tell us what you need and for a small fee we will deliver. Recently states have be demanding complex reports from distributors selling tobacco products. CDR has kept up with these demands to satisfy our customers. Just request a report and we will send you a quote.

Optional Hardware

Most scanners can be used with SupplyLogic. If you want to use a scanner with the POS without having to open any additional screens it's important to configure it correctly. Most scanners can be configured to add a prefix and suffix. The prefix should be "[" and the suffix should be "]". Review the configuration sheets below for an example of what needs to be configured.