Step 1 : Install Database

SupplyLogic Server software requires that Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 be installed on it before installing SupplyLogic Server. SQL Express 2012 or 2008 can also be used if your server can't install the latest version. The full version of SQL can also be installed if you have purchased it. If you are buying a new PC, it is recommended that you review the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express download site for information on the hardware requirements needed for the server.

*** Installation Files ***

Step 2 : Install SupplyLogic Server

The server software should only be installed on one computer. The client software SHOULD NOT be installed on the server as the server contains all programs. The server should NOT be used for daily operations. The server should remain on and restarted weekly.

Step 3 : Configure and Update

Next you need to tell SupplyLogic about what database to use. Then the Windows services need to be started so the clients can connect and the background transactions can be processed. Finally the software needs to download and update the latest version of the software from the support site.